About Us

In 2010, North Point Ministries launched North Point Music to bring local worship leaders, musicians and songwriters together to inspire a generation and influence the church. The Alpharetta, Georgia-based record label and music publishing company has a strong foundation from which to pursue its mission. Led by best-selling author, communicator and pastor Andy Stanley, North Point Ministries comprises six Atlanta-area churches with more than 36,000 adults in attendance each Sunday. Outreach Magazine recently named North Point Ministries “the largest church in America.” In addition, the church has strategic partnerships with more than 28 churches domestically and internationally, and the ministry receives in excess of 4.2 million requests for broadcast content, including television, each month.



North Point InsideOut™


North Point InsideOut exists as a part of the North Point Music brand. InsideOut is the high school student ministry of North Point Ministries and together with North Point Music the North Point InsideOut brand was created. North Point InsideOut offers music publishing services, including but not limited to licensing, royalty collection, copyrights, and translations. North Point InsideOut’s publishing services are administered through Music Services, Inc.